emergence \ a tribute

A tribute to everyone and everything for the two years. Specially dedicated to ‘you know who you all are’.

The Bad Habit \ a thank you note

They were never uncouth and spoke impeccably I supposed until that grotesque mannerism Pierced boorishly through the silence that made eyes widen and jaws drop – even seemingly noxious to some ears. There was an initial revolt So I rewarded them with a look of repugnance. Yet it crept into me over time insidiously I…

Rose again! \ the return

On dear Derrick Rose »
Let me have my say on my favourite NBA player. And what I’ve learnt from him.

ain’t no fallacy \ Athena, the goddess of war

I remember writing an apology letter to my parents after I got a piercing on my helix. Without permission.  I explained that piercing an extra hole on my cartilage wasn’t much of a ‘rebellion’ thing – which was the total truth. I stated that the piercing is much more like a symbol of ‘independence’ and of…

blessing \ the story of Isaiah Austin

  “Before we continue tonight, I want to take a moment to recognize Baylor center Isaiah Austin,” Silver said, eliciting applause from the crowd at Barclays Center in Brooklyn. “You may have heard about Isaiah. He is one of the nation’s best collegiate players, and was expected to be picked tonight before the discovery just…