Colour me with the chaos of trouble —

Because anything’s better than posh isolation.


who: a mess at age of twenty / swears a lot / an old soul trapped within a younger body / fan of the Chicago Bulls / deep lover of both poetry and prose / a critical burst of optimism

where: Singapore

what: I think Derrick Rose is a great player / would love to backpack around the world when I’m officially done with college / dream job is to be a travel-writer, but what my society expects of, would be a relatively reasonable and less awe-inspiring occupation / holds onto the typical “I Deserve Better Than This” philosophy / of the wonders of Gene Kelly & Frank Sinatra / believer in the simplicity and bliss of life in the 1950s / jazz & swing music

I love to share my stories — it’s not that I’ve been through catastrophic affairs, but the matters of the heart, of my surroundings and of people around me have changed my world views of practically everything. If you’re in need of eccentric yet pragmatic perceptions yet with a tinge of humour, optimism and amusement, you’re in for a good ride along with my epiphany (that you may or may not disagree with).

stay tuned  new entries every week.

contact me  kohyuqi@gmail.com


2 Comments Add yours

  1. nixtrel says:

    aw sis you write beautifully and I hope to read more of those precious inklings of yours

    1. yuqikoh says:

      aw thanks sis, appreciate it i read yours like a few weeks ago it’s amazing 🙂

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