Marriage: An Observation

I have been wondering about the aftermath of happy endings.

You know, particularly in films, which conclude with great curtain calls that amalgamate wedding bells, the astounding applause of laughing bridesmaids and a classic sealing of the deal with a magical kiss between main characters who are so hopelessly in love? So, what comes after “happily ever after”?

Also, how exactly do marriages last so long? I’ve heard of cases of infidelity around me, and many of the victimised spouses chose to stay alongside their cheating asshole-other-halves, mostly very willing to give in to certain obligations (i.e. children, financial assets).
Why? Just why are they letting themselves go through such a nightmare, again, and how could they even resume sleeping in the same bed with the person who betrayed their trust? If one promises in front of that altar, take the vow in the presence of loved ones to love another for the rest of his or her life – I mean, based on fundamental moral values, shouldn’t one just stick to it? Circumstances and promiscuity happen, yes, but, seriously, piss off – maybe the best solution is to not even begin reciting all the bullshit vows if you knew you couldn’t commit in the first place.

I always thought that the burning sparks of a relationship are most probably going to diminish after two people get married – taking for instance, my own parents. When they head out for grocery shopping or overseas trips together, the probability of seeing them holding each other’s hands is an absolute zero. No signs of passion, and sometimes it just wears down to mere fatigue and stagnation. Well, they may be shy in public or feel too old for displays of affection or whatnot, but from what I’ve observed, I thought their level of affection for each other may have just subsided over the years. They seem more like ordinary friends who sit together to watch TV every other night, rather than two people who had once been madly in love.

But just yesterday morning, I noticed this certain look in my mum’s eyes – she was literally beaming and looking rejuvenated, like wow. Turned out that she was speaking to my dad (who calls home from work at around 10am every single day without fail – an extremely familiar routine that the two inconspicuously engage in since forever) on the phone. I unintentionally caught sight of her blushing like a seventeen-year old as she chatted with my dad, just casually talking about how their mornings went.

Well damn, so binding love can be totally unspoken after all.


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