They say people are brought together by intoxication.
I always snorted at this conjecture –
right until that very occasion
where we subconsciously formed an indenture.

Maybe it was not booze after all,
because of how we came together
and found each other, like overall
concentric circles.

I snickered at the smirks
that you fired at my way.
I laughed at your quirks
that stood out from miles away.

The moment of realisation
arrived that morning as I lifted my eyelids.
Sparks were no longer a hallucination,
apart from the way I felt your lips.

Gradually you became my bomb shelter;
An umbrella, an arm to hold,
a band-aid, a listening ear –
you were almost all things gold.

Call it a joyride
or a fleeting adventure
that only burnt ephemerally bright.
Still I would love to thank you later

for that you have taught me how to love myself better.
(As I crave for another you – who treated me like treasure.)


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