A List of Happy Things

So it has been six months into 2016! Really stupefied by the speed time goes flying by – it felt as though Christmas just passed, and yet now I have already completed an entire year of my still-fresh university life.  Through this short span of six months – which has been filled with surreality and vagueness at the same time – I felt that I grew as a whole. I went a little out of my comfort zone by taking the step to meet new people, embark on new projects, and explore places that I never knew existed. Simultaneously, I had a fair share of low points too – I spent countless nights in a humid study area in school, on the verge of suicide (fortunately, none of these efforts went to waste, and I thank good heavens for that). Yet on the contrary I became a happier person through this first half of the year, because certain random, unexpected moments – a concoction of simplicity and rarity – really brightened up my dull days and made me smile (not an exhaustive list).

  1. To all kind strangers who actually made the slightest effort to press the buttons so that some of us did not get crushed by lift doors with mood swings and held onto doors with a smile on their faces – you’re one of the best people around in my school of the walking dead.
  2. I am still thanking the heavens for the existence of Modern Family.
  3. I didn’t know I could be Gladys Knight (figuratively) too. Karaoke sessions really made me realise my vocal ranges and potential to perform (not really). I would also love to thank my one and only loyal pip, my sister, for getting on that midnight train to Georgia with me.
  4. One of the best decisions I’ve made in life was (to pester my mum to) buy an oven. Now my mum is actually baking two or three times every week. Last evening she made the greatest cranberry cream cheese buns I’ve ever tasted in an eternity. I also love how sometimes I would find strands of her hair in those muffins and bread. It’s like an additional ingredient of hard work and love.
    Alright LOL I’m kidding, love you mum!
  5. You know that moment of awe where you are walking with a friend and sing or hum to random lines of a song to yourself and your friend coincidentally sings the same exact line too? That gives me pleasant goosebumps.
  6. Discovering Soundcloud – it has been an extremely efficacious tool for my revision and cardio routines. I stumbled upon many artists, among them are Brasstracks, Chance the Rapper and SNAKEHIPS who create very chill, majestic beats that kept me really pumped throughout this semester.
  7. Once I walked into a café and Dave Brubeck’s Take Five was in the background. Once I was taking a dump while listening to some soft jazz music in a toilet cubicle in Capitol Piazza and that was the best shit I’ve ever taken in public.
    So much love for jazz – it will always be such a congenial company.
  8. Surprise surprise! – I’m still (re)watching tons of Nora Ephron films. Other than how hopeful and optimistic her filmic plots are, I absolutely love almost all her movie soundtracks that mostly consist of love songs that were from an era where being in love seemed like a simpler affair.
    Other than songs from these films, here are some other happy old tunes that I’ve been digging into:
    Miles Davis – Seven Steps to Heaven
    Ella Fitzgerald – Manhattan
    Dinah Washington with Quincy Jones and his Orchestra – They Didn’t Believe Me
    Louis Armstrong – A Kiss to Build a Dream On
    Frank Sinatra – Too Marvelous for Words
    Harry Connick Jr. – A Wink and a Smile
    Charlie Parker – Confirmation
  9. Being able to talk about the NBA with my dad, and sometimes with an old friend or two. This season’s playoffs have been interesting and overwhelming – I’m happy that the Raptors finally made it into the semi-finals and they have put up a great fight against the Cavaliers. Currently – well you can consider me as one of the bandwagoners since the Bulls were out ever since a long while ago – I’m just praying that the Warriors will not lose their steam so that we can live to see the day where the Crying Jordan meme would be replaced by a Crying LeBron.
  10. Last but not least, my happiness has been stably sustained by the constant musing that there will always be people backing me up. I am not looking for extensive social circles, like what many college students are anticipating to. You see, I’d rather have a handful of wonderful friends – those whom I am able to ring at 1am to share intimate late night thoughts with – and I just feel more than blessed to have such people in life. Thanks to the ones who have made such an effort – for the ones who rushed over to check in on me after the horrendous breakup, for the one who got me Snarky Puppy concert tickets, for those who sent me silly text messages in the middle of the day, and for staying the same as my perpetual form of respite.

And here’s to everyone – to an even more fortifying, glorious half of the year ahead!


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