prick /prɪk/ (noun)  vulgar slang: a man’s penis.

You have heard of this quintessential advice ever since you were young – “Darling, see the good in people because they are kind”, yet again your folks have warned you not to succumb to that irresistible offer of candy from a certain peculiar man driving a dubious-looking van. Dazed and confused with this introduction of juxtaposed ideals, you put up defenses, along with the belief that there is humanity in mankind.

Alright, then you went to school and started to make friends. You even swore to share an infinity with a selected few, but to your dismay they thwarted the vows that you made together and so you began to make lesser of such laughable pacts in the years to come.

The hard truth is that nobody really gave you that heads-up to notify you how two-dimensional the outside world is. So you practically journeyed through most of it yourself.
Your self-discovery is like that critical, sensational moment where Pandora lifted the lid of that darned box.

Your money goes out to others and never returns. Funny how people forget.
On one hand, you have relatives who commit adultery; and on the other, they flash you those guiltless grins and preach to you about faith and loyalty and how promiscuity does evil.
You know of people who hit the clubs on Saturday nights to have secret little rendezvous in restrooms with random faceless people, and, rather admirably, have quite the nerve to show up on that pew at 9am the next morning to face those stained glass windows.
You blankly dust the phone because of false appointments those heart-breakers made with your ear. Well yes, don’t forget that lip-service is free of charge.
You learn that hip-hop artists earn millions of dollars through rapping artless lyrics that insult their grandmothers while children on the other side of the globe are walking a dozen miles to get to school so that they can learn to write beautiful verses.

It’s like looking back at that juncture when you were 7 years old and watched Disney’s Pinocchio or read the tale about the boy who cried wolf and went “Never tell lies! Never do bad things!” but now you just roll your eyes and indifferently mutter “What bullshit.”

And when it becomes your turn to raise children, you show them the same cartoon clips, read them the same fairytales, remind them to see the good in people because they’re mostly kind, but innately pray that they grow up to discover the same things as you did.


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