Brainfarts and Well-Done Kisses

I scribbled all these on the train. Pardon me for flurry of thoughts, but here goes!

“Before you I was searching for a rarity.”

How can I know what rarities are when the world has proven me that treasures can just be plastics and gems can be imported from China?

It’s like that quiz where you wish you had the option of “Uncertain“; 
and then wait for the real answer to come by –
A confounding state.

Couples in train cabins need to get a room
for all these salacious dance moves.
We don’t want to have this need to relieve ourselves in public places.
Mind you – I’m single.

You can see by now I’m just writing words
and segmenting them into verses
because people know I write when I’m happy.

I’m trying to emit my inner Hall & Oates.


“I’m thankful to be taken seriously and that I have someone to run back to at the end of a difficult day.”

I broke into a huge grin. It’s a new day.
I want to know what’s looming ahead.
And I know somehow the roads would lead me back to you.

“I love the weekends.”

A scene from Flower Drum Song (1961) that made me feel hysterically amused but warm and fuzzy inside:

Everything in America ends with a kiss. What does it mean? Why do they do it?
It expresses how you feel. When you do it with the right person, you light up inside. It’s difficult to explain.
Maybe it would be easier if you show me.
Yes, it would.
Then do it.
Come here. What’s that for?
It is the kiss position I saw on the television.
No, relax. Not that much.
You’ve got… You’ve got two noses.
Close your eyes. It’s better if you don’t stare at me.

Can I open my eyes now? Is that the kiss that makes you light up inside?
No. Compared to the kisses you see in the movies, this was only half done.
Only half done? Do a well done, please. I like it well done.

Oh, Ta, your heart is beating. Can you feel mine? 
I love you, Mei Li. 

And there and then, I went: “You go girl, Mei Li! I love it well-done too!”








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