worthwhile \ magician’s assistant

“A magician’s assistant is a performer in a magic act who is not billed as the magician or principal name in the act. The role of an assistant can include holding the props that are used by a magician, shifting props onto and off the stage, and serving as a living prop in illusions that involve manipulation of the human body. Other aspects of the role can include dancing or acting as visual ornamentation, sometimes for simple aesthetic purposes and sometimes to misdirect audience attention.”

Because they all think
I’m a saint —
they all see
me as god-sent.

Because they are all in love
with the idea of me —
they don’t know the real
barefaced person within.

I’m not fearless, nor am I bold.
I’m not heartless, nor am I gold.
For a living, I steal awed hearts –
cut limbs, stunting, smile and wave.

Then again, you were there to love
the truths, the secrets, the dark sides – what’s beneath, the inconspicuous
humour, the mind boggles, the tricks, the bows, the smiles, the curtain calls.
Not just the idea of me, but me.


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