bench \ a moment with grandma

(I’m sitting beside my grandma, right now) I asked her whether she liked the aroma of the coffee I served her. She told me she liked it, quite reluctantly, after which she complained that it contained way too much milk (I didn’t put milk at all – it was a 3-in-1). Damn, Nescaf√© instant coffee…

new beginnings, music & city skylines \ “Begin Again”

“That’s what I love about music, it suddenly turns banalities into beautiful, effervescent pearls.”

My movie review of a rather fantastic film, ‘Begin Again’.

Coming Up Roses \ one for the dreamers

We are the walking dead, we are¬†artless children playing in the graveyard who have bandages that cover up bright eyes. The world is innocuous, methinks and we shall die a happy death, not having known of those serpentine chains coiling to bodies. (I am one of them, yes, I am.) To live doesn’t mean you…