sprout no. 1 \ late night thoughts on growing up

Sprout No. 1 – Growing Up 
(& many random arbitrary thoughts I discover over prolonged periods of time.)

I learnt things.

  • Horror movies aren’t real.
    They’re for thrill-seekers – for people who love to scare themselves.
    After watching my first horror movie, I bugged my sister to recite stories to bore me so I could fall asleep.
    Now I’m about to embark on my, what, 30th horror movie I guess?
    I became one of them. The thrill-seekers.
  • People come and go.
    I expected those who’re around me to stay forever in my life. But I saw my grandpa go, I saw my grandma becoming a person whom I don’t know, I sent once-important people away because of the unhappiness they brought me.
    Things get ugly. The truth hurts.
  • Coffee can be my worst and best buddy.
    My mum always taught me that children aren’t allowed to consume caffeine. Even if so, the most we can consume would be 1/3 of packet of an instant coffee mix.
    And of course I’ll pour approximately 1/2 of it into that little red mug I always used for my mini 4 p.m. solitary tea sessions.
    Growing up and being this young adult residing in a pretty fucked up world of rat races and blur faces I began to develop gradually this addiction to the caffeine – coffee in particular – not only Starbucks and CBTL, my love for instant coffee mix packets hasn’t died down a single bit.
    Sure, the addiction has helped me curb fatigue, artificially, to some extent.
    Sometimes we ought to realise that the after-effects of caffeine aren’t really for the faint-hearted. The boost that this substance gives you may offer you more adrenaline than usual. The boost that may make you sacrifice sleep.
    And often too many times I thought my insomnia was caused by the pump from the doses of caffeine in the day. But sometimes I forget that I haven’t drank today at all.
    My mum was probably right to have said that kids like me shouldn’t drink too much coffee.
  • Over-thinking late at night is bad. 

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