use only when needed \ rant

Presently he rose and approached the case before which she stood. Its glass shelves were crowded with small broken objects—hardly recognisable domestic utensils, ornaments and personal trifles—made of glass, of clay, of discoloured bronze and other time-blurred substances.
“It seems cruel,” she said, “that after a while nothing matters … any more than these little things, that used to be necessary and important to forgotten people, and now have to be guessed at under a magnifying glass and labelled: ‘Use unknown.’

You spot her and you decide that, “Right, she seems nice enough.”

You approach her, not knowing what she’s really like – just based on how she looks – she qualifies.

She reciprocates your gestures, with a smile that you consider as acceptable.

For a period of time you treat her adequately – buy her flowers, those yellow daisies – she says it’s her favorite colour, and you remember. Correctly (phew).

Gradually you grow sick of her. Bored, specifically.
She is guileless. She is excessively ingenuous. She is an artless adolescent. She is no challenge.

Not for you, at least.

You leave her on the shelf, while many other relatively more stunning, better-looking women come into the picture.
They look so much more irresistible. More sensually-appealing when scantily clad.

You forget that thing on the topmost deck of the shelf.

But when the bevy of beauties on the lower (and more reachable) sections leave and go, there she is, covered in dust whilst waiting for you to pick her up, again.

Reluctantly, you help to sweep the specks off her body, with the delicate caresses that she misses during the times you go away.

Call her stupid, but she latched onto you.
Too soon.

Almost, she was about to let go of the hopes she held onto.
You reappeared, piecing back the nearly crushed glints.

Her unworldly wide eyes tempts you to delete her when she is deemed as irrelevant.
Her intolerable childlike giggles prompts you to hurt her when it sounds annoying.
Her bothersome attachment urges you to erase her when she fails as entertainment.

Use only when needed.
Bearing of consequences made redundant.




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