The Pacifier \ tale of a Free Spirit

Strong and mighty the wind is, there he was – bold and brave in his own ways, conquering feats he thought he loves.

Or at least, loved.

They call me the Pacifier —
I drift around for I am a free spirit,
I search for a new other —
They all love me for I am the true grit.

A window  – shimmering and bright
As if something inside yelled my name
As if the time was ripe and right
I climbed – I see, and I was in for a game:

It looked at me with eyes forlorn
Underscoring the desire to be eased
And touched like a newborn
Pleading for isolation to cease.

Needy, it yearned for my presence that
it called me ‘hers’ though I wasn’t its possession
nor anyone’s chap –
A lone ranger is always his own vindication.

Window to window, charm by charm
I entered with no holds barred
They welcomed me with such open arms
deeply attached and left scarred.

To build an empire
I have to pledge to retire with the crown
To behave like the umpire
For this game shall never be sound.

So they call me the Pacifier —
for I venture around to gain their trust,
I seek for members of the gullible —
for all I see is innocence turning into rust.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. smashinash101 says:

    Your poems are amazing and sooo well written. You could get any feeling across with those words. Not many people can do that anymore. Keep writing! I’ll definitely be back to read more.

    1. yuqikoh says:

      Hello Ashley, I came across your blog and checked out your writing as well, they’re brilliant and insightful! Thank you very much for reading, and I’ll also be anticipating for more of yours!

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