all things bright & beautiful \ worries

You’re on a constant self-engaged thrill ride, afraid of many things.

Calamities, massacres, warped innocence — These things make you wonder why people just can’t get along well together; why the gods have to be so harsh and negligent in taking care of us human beings; how you can be the one to make a difference. Sadly, the only thing you know is, you’re yet another ‘particle’ of this wonder, so minute that your doings will be impossible to be seen, to be heard, to be felt. Your bravery and boldness become exceptionally diminished that you’re weakened by the awareness of how larger-than-life these disasters are. — And baby I know it’s disheartening to be struck by the fact that not all things are bright and beautiful the way you used to see things as.

Inflexibility, hypocrisy, falsified appearances — These things incessantly victimise you from time to time and you fall into the trap of trusting people too easily; you despair because the people you love are so damn vulnerable to be blinded by the brass and niceness of looks; go into a paroxysm of rage when you think of how disgusting some people are because you seem to be the only one who knows of their true colours. Your heart sinks because you now know that life can’t be fair all the time – people come and people go. Some of them are fake as fuck, and you have no choice but you need to face it because more has yet to come. — And baby I know the world out there is absurdly hysterical without all things bright and beautiful due to the distorted naivety and your gradual loss of faith in humanity.

Predestination, love, prophecies — These things are the things you don’t even have the ability to find out for yourself; you wildly imagine if his beautiful face will be the one you’ll be seeing among the crisp white sheets every morning you wake up, you’re not sure whether you’ll be able to see him and hear his voice again; you don’t know when to expect ‘the one’ to come into your life – maybe he’s already here, maybe he’s beside you right now, or maybe he’s still a thousand miles away from reaching you. Melancholy sinks in deep, because you think maybe you’re destined to die in loneliness, for never finding the one who will love you when you’re ripen in age. — And baby I know you don’t have the magical crystal ball to see if all things will be bright and beautiful for you in the future, so you just anticipate day by day, for your perfect moment.

But baby, tell yourself not to believe in mishaps yet stay grounded,

Let go of others who don’t deserve the attention, and

have a little faith, especially in yourself.

The future’s not yours to see.

Whatever will be

will be.


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