ain’t no fallacy \ Athena, the goddess of war

I remember writing an apology letter to my parents after I got a piercing on my helix. Without permission.

 I explained that piercing an extra hole on my cartilage wasn’t much of a ‘rebellion’ thing – which was the total truth.

I stated that the piercing is much more like a symbol of ‘independence’ and of ‘exhilaration for doing something I didn’t dare to do in the past’, and represented my form of ‘stepping out to feel empowered individualistically’. 

Truth is, I got it more for the look. Doesn’t a helix piercing look cool to you? But that was initially. Afterwards I realised the greater significance that lies beneath the intention of getting the piercing. 

It was sincerely a form of feeling empowered. That excruciating pain that lasted for an instant that you paid for, to get a hole onto your skin, permanently for the rest of your life. The recklessness turned into a form of enjoyment, a form of vitality.

Seems like self-inflicted pain with deep significance and motives can mean bigger things when you ponder on them more huh? If there lies greater things such as the ‘hurts so good’ emotive reaction and the sense of self-achievement, then, why not?

Athene and the Centaur, Sandro Botticelli (1445-1510), 1482

In Greek mythology, a centaur is a symbol of violent lust, brutality, and of the Devil. The centaur satisfies his lust and sexual desires by chasing nymphs. The woman seen in this painting here is Athena, the Greek goddess who represents wisdom, war, courage, strength, arts, and skill. Here she is pulling the hair of the centaur like a bossy little bitch. She tries to prevent him from using his bow for attacking. Maybe that bastard committed some disgusting sin of raping a nymph or something. We don’t know. All we know is Goddess Athena looks gorgeous as hell with those olive leaves entwined around her hair and body.

A hint of feminism? Of course there is.

Athena embodies the traits that every girl wishes to be. With the “I Don’t Need A Man!” vibe, wits, tremendous passion for fighting and triumph, and just simply being extremely strong in the mind and body. She seeks empowerment through battles, through struggles and hardships, and through fighting for her faith and most importantly, for herself. This level of divinity can be seen as exceptional, one may think, for that Athena is an immortal with godly powers to specialise in things that she has a burning passion for.

And then again, we, as humans and individuals with no power, can’t possibly achieve things like those characters in folklore, fantasies and fictional plots, and let alone wake up, FLAWLESS, like our Pallas Athena right here.

We go through struggles, relate back to them, and think about how much we actually learn when doing something new. Simple things. Such as

  • Working out in the gym because you have the aspiration of getting Hope Solo’s badass body
  • Reading because you want to gain more insightful knowledge that can make you look smarter, feel smarter and talk smarter
  • Travelling home alone because you need some solo time to evaluate on how you actually spent your time today in order to make tomorrow a better one

You’re always on the effort to make a change. Just that you don’t feel yourself fighting for yourself sometimes. You’re constantly on the move to seek for a better lifestyle. Just that the good hasn’t arrived. Maybe it’ll come tomorrow. Maybe the next second. It’ll come.

Self-empowerment comes from within. As long as you take action to make a change, a small minute one, and you do good, and feel good, things will take a turn.

Just like my anecdote on ear-piercing. It doesn’t sound victorious at all, but it made me feel a sense of independence (which is different from rebellion, mind you) and that I ain’t afraid of pain, and this gave me the guts to do something way greater with a larger extent of exhilaration in the near future.

And I want to thank my benefactor and source of enlightenment for giving me this little token here, which inspired me to write about this.

Ancient Greece Key Ring from the British Museum

The charms on the key ring are respectively the symbols of the Owl of Athena (wisdom), the wine jar depicting Achilles slaying Penthesilea (love and strength) and the Trojan Horse (victory and triumph) – all that reminds me of the values I treasure for this life of mine.

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but building on the new.” – Socrates

Some things may seem like they’re of distance, of great fallacies. But all magic happens in the palm of your own hands. Cliche? Not really. Because Socrates approves.

So suck it up and move on, now.


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