elopement \ that moment in time

A true story of love.

So maybe two people are really meant for each other! And maybe one of them is really out there for me.

I Used To (while you were here) \ a casual recount

There was a person whom I thought was my favourite. But apparently things can change.
This is for you, the you whom I thought was sunshine – but not anymore.

unfaltering relationships \ “Gone Gone Gone”

I’m grateful for them to appear. And I assure people who’ve been here throughout for me, especially at times when life fucked me up, at times when I felt oppressed – I’ll do the same for you, because…

ain’t no fallacy \ Athena, the goddess of war

I remember writing an apology letter to my parents after I got a piercing on my helix.¬†Without permission. ¬†I explained that piercing an extra hole on my cartilage wasn’t much of a ‘rebellion’ thing – which was the total truth. I stated that the piercing is much more like a symbol of ‘independence’ and of…